PowerPlug Pro

Reduce Corporate PC Power Consumption by Up to 75%
PowerPlug Pro – A Power Management
System for Reducing PC Power Consumption
Effective power  management of corporate PCs can significantly reduce the power  consumption of unused or idle PCs  by up to 75%  compared to “always  on” PCs.  This can  save  €70-€90 per PC per year in electricity  costs
PowerPlug Pro  is  a  software product that  enables organizations to  manage and  optimize  PC power  consumption based on their specific needs. The software provides advanced features and configuration options allowing  for maximum savings without  disrupting the  operations of the  IT department or end  users. Comprehensive monitoring and  reporting capabilities provide  detailed information  about current power  consumption, potential power  savings and  actual power  saved, allowing the organization to plan, apply,  track  and  optimize  power  savings on an ongoing basis.
Actual savings may vary and  will depend on electric  power  rates in your area.

PowerPlug Pro Key Features and Benefits
Centralized Management of Power-Saving Policies
PowerPlug Pro  enables administrators to easily  create power-saving policies  and  assign them  to computers, computer groups or existing  Active Directory  organizational units  and  groups. With PowerPlug Pro,  administrators can  create and fine-tune the power-saving policies  that suit the specific needs of the organization and its end-users, all without writing any scripts or modifying their existing  PC management tools.
Optimized for the Organization’s Specific Needs
Power-saving management should help  the  organization achieve its  goals  but  must  not  interfere  with  the  productivity of  end   users.    PowerPlug Pro   enables  the   creation  of  power-savings  policies   that   are   optimized  for  the   work- habits  of  end-users.  Administrators can   set   different   policies   for  business  and   non-business  hours,  automatically disable power-management when  certain   applications are  running,   and  even  allow  end-users to  temporarily stop   all power-management activities  on their computers when giving presentations or performing resource-intensive tasks. These options ensure maximum power  savings and  maximum end-user productivity.
Scheduled and On-Demand Computer Wakeup
PowerPlug  Pro provides  features  for both scheduled and on-demand computer wakeup  from any power state,  including when computers are completely turned off. These options enable IT administrators to perform  routine  maintenance tasks such as software updates and backups while computers are not in use and without requiring end-users to leave their computers running during off-business hours. Additional options enable automatic wake-up of computers at the beginning of the work day, so that they are ready  to go when  end-users arrive at the office.
A unique  feature of PowerPlug Pro enables the software’s wake-up operations to work in complex network  environments
(e.g. multiple VLANs  & subnets) without requiring  any modifications to network  or router  settings.
Remote Connection with PowerPlug Wakeup Portal
Organizations can  set  up  a PowerPlug Wakeup Portal,  which  enables authorized end  users to  remotely  wake  up  their assigned computers for remote access (e.g. from home).  This unique  feature enables organizations to apply  power-saving policies  even for computers that would otherwise need to always  remain  on to support remote access. The Wakeup Portal can  also  be  integrated with other  systems. For example, it can  be  integrated with the  organization’s VPN system so  that whenever a user  securely connects to  the  network  (VPN), his  or her  computer will automatically be  turned on  with no additional steps.
Extensive Reporting Capabilities
PowerPlug Pro  continuously collects power  consumption and  power  savings data  into a central  database and  provides a large  number of reports covering all aspects of power  consumption, savings and  planning. In addition, the  software also  provides real-time information  on computer power  status, power  consumption, savings potential and  actual savings realized.
Saving Money is Only Part of the Picture. PC Power Management Also Helps With:
Helping the Environment and Reducing CO2
Emissions - Research has  shown that the annual power  consumption of approximately 15 computers creates pollution that is equivalent to a 12,500 mile /
20,000 kilometer  ride in an average family car.
Data Protection - Computers that are powered off are far less  susceptible to penetration attacks and  remote hacking attempts.
Extended Computer Life - Powering computers off at reasonable intervals  on a regular  basis will significantly extend their lifespan  and  decrease the number of hardware malfunctions.
Air Conditioning and Cooling - Computers do not produce any heat  when  they are powered off. Therefore, automatically powering off computers
in the organization will decrease the load on the air conditioning system.